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Jurisdiction and venue over any disputes that might arise from or in connection with the present Contract shall lie with the Courts of Chania, Crete, Greece. The present Terms & Conditions and any amendments made thereto are governed by the Greek Law, the relevant EU law and the applicable international treaties. If any term & condition is found to be contrary to the applicable law, it shall automatically cease to apply and shall be removed, without prejudice to the validity of the remaining terms.

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All handmade products available in our Store may slightly differ from the products illustrated in our Website. This is due to the fact that our products are handmade, and not mass produced, and are thus not identical.

All items available in our store are modern production works. Some of them represent objects exhibited in various museums either in Greece or abroad. Our store features hand crafted items manufactured by artists who are inspired by Greek art & mythology and sometimes use the same materials and technique employed by the ancient Greek craftsmen. Our store is by no means related to the selling/marketing of archaeological items/objects.